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Medieval Lords  -  Medieval Lords Minecraft Server
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jackrackyWill we be getting our ranks back when the server is fully open
haxor365Love the epic, but I think I found a possible bug yesterday. In 2013 when I played on the server with SolidSnake, we took down some bosses. And they did not reheal / heal. Yesterday I noticed that Uncle Ben or Bob idr, healed back to 3000 HP. Is that a bug?
emilbartels   created a new thread Angry person in the Reports forum
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Medieval Lords has reached a new record of 2200 registered users today!
BlomyWill ML even come back xd??
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joshuamiika   server is up, just no economy or anything yet.
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dironothundercan we get access to wilderness please
[Owner] Young_Explicit   published Closed Beta on News
[Owner] Crehop   published Server Files on News
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