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Pcmann3Spawn is fixed again!!!!
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TheJackea   Finaly. :sick:
TheJackea   Finally*
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[SMod] rusty121Moderator Application

Bellow you will find a series of questions that you must answer. The reason we have this application in place so we can get a better understanding of you as a player and to get a better grasp of your knowledge.

The Application is broken up into three sections:
a) General Information
b) General Knowledge
c) General Commitment and explanations
Fill out the questions below then copy and paste the whole finished application in an email and send it to [link]

Section A: General Information
1a) What is your in game name

2a) What is your email address?

3a) What is your real name? (Optional)

4a) What do you like to do outside of Minecraft?

5a) As of today. How old are you? (Note you must be 14 to become moderator exceptions are made DON’T lie on your application)

6a) What time zone are you located in?

7a) What country do you live in?

8a) Can you speak fluent English

9a) Can you fluently speak any other languages?

10a) Do you have a working microphone and are prepared to be on Ventrilo?

11a) How long have you been playing Minecraft?

12a) How long have you been playing Medieval Lords?

13a) Have you ever held a staff position on another server?

14a) Are you currently staff on any other server?

15a) Do you own your own server? (You cannon be staff and own your own serious advertising etc, server)

Section B: General Knowledge
For the next section on your application answer all of the question on this application truthfully and without assistance. If you don’t know the answer to the question write “I’m not sure” Please Do not leave any questions that aren’t listed (Optional) on this application.
1b) How do you take money out of a town and nation?

2b) What are CP points and how can u use them?

3b) What is the cost of the 'polishing set'?

4b) What is the IP of Ventrillo?

5b) What are the skills ML have?

6b) How do you bind spells to an item?

7b) How do you make a shop?

8b) What is the amount needed to donate for the LORD rank?

9b) What colours are illegal for players to use in their /nick?

10b) What are the current bosses?

11b) How much can u sell cobble and rotten flesh for? What is the command to do so?

12b) Can a player see a list of recent donations? if so, how?

13b) How do you toggle pvp in a town?

14b) How do you check for the richest accounts on the server?

15b)What are the different staff ranks on the server?

16b) How long has the server been running for?

17b) What is the command to find the King rank abilities

18b) How long has haven been used as a pvp area on ML

19b) What holidays does crehop do drop parties for?

20b) What things in chat does a moderator 'moderate'

21b) What plugin does ML use to stop spawn camping?

22b) When the server started, what was the 5th type of epic?

23b) What are the events ML have atm?

24b) What perms do KING donators have?

25b) How do you take a plot off sale?

26b)What commands can be used to see what town someone is in?

27b) How do you get someone banned for hacking?

28b) How many prize eggs can a player get with a $150 donation?

29b) How much does a player shop portal cost (big and small ones), and how can a player buy a portal?

30b) List All the Smods And Admins on Medieval Lords.

Section C General Commitment and explanations

Answers In This Section Must all be at least 60 Words Long we will be checking
1c) Why do you feel you deserve Moderator over the other applicants that want the position?

2c) What Abilities do you have that make you more fit for this position?

3c) What are your ambitions as staff? Where do you want to go?

4c) Do you feel you can be a greater asset then other applicants to the staff?

5c) How Many Hours a Week do you play Medieval Lords?

6c) Do you agree to be active in game?

7c) Do You agree to be active in Ventrilo?

8c) Do you agree to be active on the website?

That Is the conclusion of the Moderator Application, Please send your copy of the questions and the answers to the staff email: [link] Make sure in the subject bar your write Mod app.
joshuamiika   Noooo i sent the wrong one, the one under mod apps. Is that okay?
[SMod] rusty121   Should be fine
Alduiin_Sick of the lag on the server and spawn cre hop please fix
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[Owner] crehop aOWNER posted Mar 8, 13

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Yeah the server is glitched, hopefully will be fixed soon.
So... I haven't played on here for months - and I play again in my old town (kicked though) I do /spawn, and then I can't use any commands, can't use shout, msg, home, etc. And I also noticed it said [world] and the other world is [test]
makes sense "best Pvper on the server" more like best pvper at hiding his hacks...
lmfao xxlocaxx thats why you got banned for hacking by cody36672?
Lol finally got enjin
You do not have access to shout