Server reset poll

Full Reset: 

Server will be rebuilt starting from a clean bukkit server, donator ranks will stay as is. Epic gear and the combat system will be re-done. This will not deploy all at once so the server will enter a beta state where new features will be tested live. You are tired of the same old broken system and are ready to start anew in a new world in a new market on a new adventure.


All towns, player data, worlds, etc will be deleted and everyone gets a fresh start. Prior features will be integrated same as before. You are glad to start out new world and market, things were getting old before.

Item Reset:

All items around the world would be wiped. This will be hard to deploy and may make the server unplayable for a few days. You are happy that you can now participate in a clean new market.

No Reset: 

You like the server and what occurs on it completely. You are happy with all your items and your big town.

Vote Below

Aminal10 When do you plan on resetting, or when does this poll end?
KingTheGreat To the idiots who voted for "No Reset", get a life. Like seriously, you wanting the server to have so many dam ...
Young I think this needs a new spawn, and new PvP zones/dungeons. Those are extremely old too