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Server IP:
Staff Contact Email address:

When contacting Staff please ensure you 
get the right email address!



The server will remain whitelisted until further notice for unscheduled maintenance.

Please keep in mind that if you find a glitch then you should notify staff immediately for a potential reward, if you abuse or share a glitch then you will face punishment.

Sorry for any inconvenience and thank you for you continued patience, understanding, and cooperation.


Regarding questions focused on the topic of staff recruitment; The server administration is currently in the process of revising the staff recruitment process. Quality staff members are required to operate the server on release. The application has prerequisites: Persons who apply should be able to communicate through the teamspeak 3 application with a mic, and communicate through the slack application. The server administration looks forward to reading through the applications and have high expectations of applicants. The application process will be made public in the near future.

gekxs I'm Looking Forward To This! <3
myipodtouchedme Why can't we all just join a single skype call? Nothing ever goes wrong with those!

   We're hosting a closed beta in preparation for our summer release, we're looking for active players to come on, and stress the server as much as you can. The close beta will last 1.5-2 weeks, and players who report bugs direclty to staff, will get buycraft vouchers that will allow you to purchase items from our online store. Depending on how game-breaking the bug/glitch is, you will get better vouchers for things like dupe glitches. Anyone is able to join, this is not the official release, many bugs are still present, and we're going to actively be logging them, and fixing them while the beta goes on, please be patient with us. P.S. Any players who want to hide bugs and exploit them later on, will be permantely banned, I advise you don't try to do this.

Edit: Server has been unwhitelisted and player are free to join, pleas keep in midn there are many bugs, and we'll enable features as they become stable, sorry for this inconvience.

nstevenson i can help out
Anotherplayer Im down
lordzyber Its pretty hard to try out if there is any glitches when i cant get to wilderness, the portals doesn't work

Server Files

[Owner] Crehop posted May 14, 17

Does anyone have a link to the old server files? ( I linked them a long time ago but lost the link) first person to link the google drive files will get free knight rank or equivilent when server comes back up.

KingTheGreat Send me the old Royale Castle file please @ Young

    We're looking for beta testers to help find hidden bugs, and test the extensiveness of things such as towny, combat, duels, ect. If you consider yourself good at finding bugs, are able to join TS and use voice communications, and would like to join, sign up by replying to this post with the format below. Thanks ~Medieval Lords Team


Username: Young

Strf90 Username: Strf90 Started play for so long time ago
_Seismic_ Username: Shabaited aka Sizemick
bullen01 username : bullen01


[Owner] Young_Explicit posted Apr 4, 17



Hello everyone,

Courtesy of the staff team and all the people who have been working on the server we can say that the future of the server is looking bright. We have been reading all the suggestions and implementing many new ideas to the server to make it as high quality as possible. Here is some of the exciting news.



With all the recent changes the economy is one of the most crucial parts to the server. We are introducing a new market called the Grand Exchange. This Grand Exchange will allow players to buy and sell items with other players on the server, the Grand Exchange will also have a sales tax that will fluctuate over time. Also, we are trying to introduce new ways to earn money while playing, so now players can earn money from killing Bosses and mobs as well as from the new Crates.


Epic Armor

Epic armor is one of the most important parts of Medieval Lord’s history as a server. Many felt in the past that Epic Armor was broken and needed a revamp to keep it up to date and working. The name of Epic Armor has been changed to Carbyne to give it a new and fresh feeling. Also, we have re-worked it to make it easier to understand and less buggy. Some of these changes include, removing polish, making epic armor reduce the damage you take instead of giving the player extra hearts, a new gui to purchase Carbyne armor, changed how the effects Carbyne gives by making Chestplate and Leggings give defensive and offensive boosts based on the piece while Helmet and Boots give no special boosts. There will now be 4-6 types of Carbyne armor and some will only be accessible through killing Bosses and other means not yet implemented. Carbyne Armor will also take durability damage but is repairable through repair tokens.


Epic Weapons

Many new weapons will be introduced as well as a few old ones that will be staying. To make the server more balanced the max sharpness on all swords will be 7. We have reworked how the special abilities on weapons work and have three new abilities, Fire Storm, Wither Storm, and Bastian of health, we will be possibly implementing more of these in the future. Weapons will also now be able to save the charge you have for them independently instead of having it stored on the player. This will allow players to have multiple special abilities ready for battle, but there will be a cooldown of 45 seconds between abilities. Charging now earns 5 charges for each player killed and 1 charge for each Monster killed.


PvP Changes

We have removed the PvP balance changes added in the past on the server. This means that all regular Minecraft armor and swords will have the basic Minecraft values in PvP. Next we have also added new features to make PvP on the server better including, when a player is hit they have a combat tag of 45 seconds and during that time they can not enter any safe zones including towns with PvP disabled, and if you log out with combat tag a logger will spawn for 10 seconds in your place that can be killed; if you log on during this time period you will replace the logger.



New crates will be replacing Prize eggs. These will be located at spawn and players will use a key to open them. You can get these keys only by killing bosses or buying them on the shop. These keys will not be able to be sold on the Grand Exchange.



Duels have been changed in a few ways. We have built a brand new duel arena, as well as implementing Party duels. In these duels, you can have up to 5v5 duels against other Parties. Duels may not be 100% ready for launch as we are still working on them.


Server Hardware

New server hardware has been added to keep the server running as smooth as possible. These upgrades include, an upgraded CPU, more ram, new ssds for high-speed storage, better network DDoS protection, relocated the server host from Los Angeles to Dallas.



Voting has been taken out for the moment and we are still looking for new ways to implement it back into the server.



The server will now consist of only 2 worlds, the Spawn World, and the Player World. In the spawn world, players will be able to find the PvP Maps, Bosses, Monsters, and Dungeons. In the Player World, players will find, Towns, Animals, Resources, and Town Wars. Players will also be able to build and destroy in any unclaimed part of the player world but there will be world regeneration. Player World border is 35k by 35k.

Other Changes

  • You can now enter Creative in your town with Carbyne armor on without losing it.
  • Control Point will be added back
  • New bosses
  • New builds


Feel free to ask any questions and keep posting your opinions and ideas on the forums. Thank you for the patience.

ƖƛƝƁЄƛƦ64 You mother fuckers are lazy as fuck server still aint released.
haxor365 CAn you guys say a possible date for when it will be published? Something just to deal with?
Holy Cant wait
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